#FreeToBe a kid with all free & clear @all_laundry

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June 4, 2015
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#FreeToBe a kid with all free & clear @all_laundry

This Summer I have a LONG list of things to do.  Included in that list is a number of activities my kids have suggested.  Needless to say their suggestions usually include a mess as well.  So I’m excited to work with all free & clear and try out their laundry soaps including the  NEW all fabric softener for sensitive skin and see if I can stress less while my kids are #FreeToBe kids.  And even better, I’ve got a coupon for you to try it out too! Here’s my plan-
So in researching all free and clear products I learned that it can be used for stains on things other than just clothes…… hummmmmmm…… this needs to be tested!

I tend to suffer from eczema from time to time so having a laundry soap or fabric softener that is for sensitive skin is awesome! I’m hoping all free & clear fabric softener for sensitive skin will help my skin while keeping our clothes soft and smelling fabulous.

I haven’t used liquid fabric softener for years, if you prefer the sheets, well good news for you! all fabric softener also comes in dryer sheets!  Personally I was up for trying something new so I got the liquid.

Shopping with a purpose and noticing all the different types of all I was amazed!  I got thinking about when I was a little kid and the commercials used to have a child pointing to the letters “a, l, l” Do you remember those?  Anyhow, it’s nice to know a company has been around and trusted for so many years.

Be sure to check out all free & clear to see more of their products.  Like I said, they have a lot to choose from!

And here you go- just because you’re one of my readers!
Here’s a $1 off coupon for you to use when you try out all free & clear

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