A day late, but a dollar richer

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October 6, 2010
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October 8, 2010
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A day late, but a dollar richer

Even though yesterday was my Wednesday Whip It day, I have more things to do today that have been put off long enough!  I did accomplish quite a few things last night such as finally folding and putting away the 6 or more loads of laundry that was overtaking my couch.  Between that and going through the last of my hubby’s storage stuff that had taken up residency in our family room for the last month it feels like I FINALLY have our family room back!!

At last, my front room is cleared of unnecessary junk and most of the clutter (still have a little organizing to do here and there).  This room is my #1 priority to clean- because it’s the room everyone sees when they come to my house.  Plus when it’s cleaned each day it’s easy to keep up, then I have time for the other rooms.  But there are many days where it is the only clean room of the house!

This reminds me of the saying “Don’t compare your back bedroom with other people’s front living room” – I love this saying because just like what I do- most people take more care to clean their front living rooms more and leave their back bedroom that not as many people see for the last priority.  So we go to someones house and think “wow their house is so clean, and I can barely walk in my bedroom” without realizing that you are assuming their whole house looks like the front room.  The point is, people put on their best presentation for what others see and will think of them, but you never know what’s behind door #1!

So while my husband is out of town for a few days my goals are:
#1 take back the front room and have it once again clean and presentable,
#2 – clean my bedroom so it no longer resembles the hoarding show on tv, and
#3- organize the boys closet and the food storage so my kitchen doesn’t have to be full of the case lot sales!

Once I get each of these to a tolerable level then I will look at fine tuning the house and clutter areas.
Meanwhile I guess it’s time for breakfast, water, and got to make sure I get in my 5 minutes or more of exercise (I’ve been doing it on our gazelle lately).


  1. Crystal says:

    Good for you girl! I just did the storage room- whew what a bunch of crap- but can't seem to let all of it go. Gotta hold onto it in case we have one more baby 🙂 THe only problem with cleaning/organizing- nobody in my house appreciates it (meaning keeps it that way!) as much as me!


  2. Unknown says:

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  3. Jennifer says:

    Following you from the Social Parade! Happy Friday! I'd love if you could visit heavenlymommy.com when you get a chance 🙂

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