Clogged Shower Head

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September 19, 2012
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Clogged Shower Head

Pinterest experiment- Fixing the clogged shower head that sprays in every direction but where you want it to!  Lately our showers have become more of an acrobatic routine than a shower- trying to catch the right spot of random places where the shower head chooses to send the water.  I saw this idea on Pinterest and wanted to give it a try….
And the results are………….. It works!!  And amazingly!
All you do is put some vinegar (I used apple cider- hence the color) into a ziploc bag, then find a way to secure it to your shower head.  I zipped up the bag as much as it would go then used a hair clip to hold the extra and reinforce it staying.
Leave it on over night.
This morning all I had to do was a light brushing/scrub around where the water comes out and it was like a new shower head sending all the water exactly where it’s supposed to go!  No more walking into a random stream of water in the eye!

Simple, Cheap, Easy, and it works!

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    Hi am david, can you share more tips like this?

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