Baked, not fried chicken

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February 6, 2013
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February 8, 2013
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Baked, not fried chicken

There’s nothing like finding or creating one of your favorite foods in a more healthy way!  Today’s experiment was baked (not fried) chicken!  I’ve made this before but there’s so many different variations I’ll share one of them.
I realized I hadn’t shared a baked chicken recipe like this yet, even though my family loves it and we have it occasionally.


Total Cereal flakes (you can use any kind of flakes, but I like the whole grain healthiness that comes with Total)
Seasoning of your choice- today I used garlic powder, Italian seasoning and ranch powder seasoning (just eyeball a teaspoon or two of each)

Place all in a ziploc bag and crush the cereal.  Place your chicken in the bag and give it a good coating then place on a cookie sheet that has been lightly oiled with olive oil.

Bake at 350 for 30 minutes or until chicken is cooked through (time will depend on the size and thickness of your chicken)


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