Baby fidget blankets

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May 10, 2012
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Baby fidget blankets

After not having a baby for 4 years I forgot how much they love to fidget and grab things as they explore this new world!  I saw these at a craft show awhile back and thought my baby would love it since she’s always grabbing at her hair, maybe now she
can have the blanket to grab at instead.  If you are just learning to sew, this is a super easy blanket to make so don’t stress!

I used 3 different kinds of fabric because babies love different textures.  The back of the blanket is all silky, the front is patched in a 3×3 design with flannel and cotton fabrics.  I cut my squares about 6″x 6″, but you could do them any size you want- or not even squares/patch look at all.

Once I had all my squares sewn together I got an assortment of different kinds of ribbons (sizes and textures) and sewed them into loops around the edges.  When sewing these on you want to sew the loops facing down (or toward the middle of the fabric- essentially upside down at first) so that when you sew the 2 blanket sides together they will lay right. 

After the loops are sewn on just place the back and front right sides together and sew like you would a pillow- leaving one small area open to turn it inside out.  Turn it inside out and then sew the hole closed.  I went ahead and sewed a design around the edges while I was sewing the hole closed and it added a little cuteness to the blanket.
Here’s a second one’

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  1. Erickson Family says:

    I've been wanting to make one of these for Z I need to just bite the bullet and get on it

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