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September 25, 2010
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September 26, 2010
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Awesome Tupperware Sales

ok I just have to share these awesome sales!! For a limited time Tupperware is selling their biggest bowls “that’s a bowl” and “that’s a mega bowl” with 2 matching smaller bowls for BUY ONE GET ONE FREE!!  Each set includes 4 bowls sizes: 42 cups, 32 cups, 16 cups, and 8 cups.  And with this special you get TWO of each of those for $75!!!
Ok just so you know what  a awesome deal this is- the 2 largest bowls sell for $28 and $22 EACH normally.

These bowls are awesome! With a large family I use my big ones all the time.  And personally I love the red and white colors!  These also have a LIFETIME warranty with Tupperware- so if they crack, warp, or ever peel Tupperware will replace them FREE! (one of my favorite things about Tupperware)

This second special is a current flyer that just started and will only be for a limited time- the item I am most excited about on it (or what I think is the best deal) is the Fix & Mix bowl and a Quick Shake for $20!  The fix & mix bowl uses the same size lid as the thats-a-bowl above, but it’s a shallow bowl.  It’s a famous bowl Tupperware has made for years.  They don’t sell it all the time anymore in their catalogs and you can only get it from sales flyer’s like this one.  And the Quick Shake that comes with it is in the same color of green.  The quick shake alone is a $13 value…. so both of these for $20 is a GREAT deal- one I’m really excited about!

AND to top everything off- right now you can sign up to sell Tupperware for FREE!  (plus you get a free gift for signing up!)  the commission is 25%- so that means if you’re a consultant you can order that bowl and quick shake combo for $15- what a awesome Christmas present that would be!!    So if you sign up while they are offering the free sign up special here’s how it works- you sign up, with in a week your coupon for your free gift will show up (I think currently it’s a choice of a rice cooker, 2 modular mates, or the large round fridgesmart)  Meanwhile, you can order things at a consultant discounted price, plus you can sample items for 35-50% off!  And when you put in a $450 party by 10-29-10 you can use $68 of the host credit to get the salsa set, a consultant binder, catalogs, flyer’s and basic start up stuff like that.
If you don’t put in a $450 party in your first 30 days- no big deal.  As with any consultant, as long as you sell $250 every 4 months you’ll stay active 🙂  So there’s really nothing to lose! This is a GREAT deal! Oh and did I mention they are always giving their consultants free stuff?!?!

Let me know if you’re interested in signing up and getting some free stuff like I have!  I stopped counting how much free stuff I’ve got when it went over $4,500! (and I just signed up in March of this year)

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