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January 13, 2012
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We had the chance to review the new Dagedar DS game.  This is a game my boys love!  I on the other hand stink at it and just can not grasp the game enough to win even one race.  At first my 8 year old son said
it was a really hard game and he wasn’t sure he liked it, but then after playing it some more he really enjoyed it.
Here’s my take on it- as an untalented parent that knew nothing about the game or toy (other than breif commercials on tv and my kids talking about them) To play you pick which ball charecter you’re going to be, then you pick a track to race on.  The tracks are kind of a cross between a roller coaster & outter space looking to me.  You use the arrows to direct the dagedar where you want it to go. 

Here’s the official info on the game:

The competitive racing video game based on the popular DaGeDar™ brand of racing balls is available now for the suggested retail price of $19.99.

Battle it out with your friends or race evil spirits alone; DaGeDar’s virtual raceway will keep you playing for hours. With more than 30 fast and furious raceways, you’ll be looping, dropping, climbing, and banking your way to the end with fury, but watch out for the blocks and gaps in the raceway! Featuring 100 collectable balls with unique abilities, as well as special, limited edition characters, you’ll have a blast collecting and trading your favorite DaGeDar items. Whether playing alone or sharing with a friend using the game’s multiplayer download options, the action-packed world of DaGeDar will keep you hungry for more racing, collecting and conquering of evil spirits in a unique 33rd dimension world.

Additional DaGeDar game features:

Collectables:Unlock and collect up to 100 DaGeDar racing balls, for collectable and trading fun! Special limited edition, cool characters available too!

Unique Race Abilities: Each ball carries abilities of Acceleration, Top Speed, Defense and Attack modes.

Rewards: Earn DeGaDar points at the end of every race for special rewards and bonuses!

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