Transferring data from Wii to WiiU

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February 16, 2015
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Transferring data from Wii to WiiU

Our Wii has been having little glitches here and there so it was getting about time to replace it.  We’ve had it for about 7 years so it’s paid it’s dues.  When replacing it we chose to get the WiiU which is also an upgrade.  In the process of the transition we learned we could transfer most of our saved data from the Wii to the WiiU which we were very excited about- the kids mostly because they could transfer all their custom Mii’s they had made.  During the transferring process we had a good laugh- here’s why:
So the process of transfering information from the Wii to the WiiU isn’t hard- but there’s sure a lot of steps!  First you have to put your sim card into the WiiU, it sets up the transfer, then you put the card into the Wii and it downloads all the info, then you put it back in the WiiU and it uploads the info.

For us we were able to have both the Wii and the WiiU connected to the TV so going back and forth was just a simple matter of changing the TV input.  But if someone wasn’t able to have them both connected at the same time I could see how this would be a pain.

Here’s what had us giggling….  There’s these little guys my kids said they are called “Pick Men”, apparently they’re like the slaves of the WiiU and do all the grunt work? At least that’s how my kids described them to me.  They’re these little figures with a flower sticking out of their head like an antenna, and they come in about 5 different colors.  Well when you download the information from the Wii there’s a video that plays on the screen showing these little pick men picking up some cards with pictures of your data, then carrying them to a space ship and blasting off.

There’s even signs that say things like WiiU —> and such along their path.  We were laughing and watching them go through tunnels, around corners, up and down spiral walk ways etc.  I must admit it sure put some entertainment in what would normally be a boring wait for information transfer!

The upload to the WiiU was the same pick men, this time getting out of the ship and carrying the information to the hub of the WiiU.  Watching the show had my kids and I all mesmerized and laughing, then finally I realized I should take a picture to show you because it’s something you have to really see!

So I put a few pictures in this post and uploaded a short video of the pick men as well.  Sorry the pictures are not as clear- the screen was moving so I tried to get the best shot I could. Enjoy!

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