The Update of Death

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December 24, 2012
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January 1, 2013
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The Update of Death

For the past month I have been delaying the inevitable.  About a month ago my laptop informed me it was time for a Windows update- so as usual I did.  But once the update was complete my laptop wouldn’t connect to the Internet.  It said it was connected to our router, but no Internet access. I figured it was a windows glitch and Microsoft would fix the mistake soon so I did a system restore and everything was back to working. Meanwhile I would keep getting the update reminder trying to reboot my computer and update itself again.I just kept postponing the update for a few days- then would try letting it update again.  Still no Internet access after the update, so I restored and it worked fine again.  Well this went on for a few weeks until on Christmas day after it updated I was unable to restore to a point of where it would work again!!  CRISIS!!

I manually went in and uninstalled all the updates, no go.  Diagnostics said that it was a security setting and/or firewall that was preventing me from connecting.  So I uninstalled MacFee, nothing.  Turned off the firewall windows has, still not working.  Called my nephew who’s a computer tech- he was stumped.  Called another good friend that is a genius with computers- he found a virtual connection that we disabled, and even uninstalled and still nothing is working!!

At this point I am resorting to restoring the laptop to factory settings…… that is if I can find my cd’s that came with it and have Window’s on them!  I did make the recovery disks, but it tells me I still need the other disk.
So now I get to search for the disk today.

I knew I really needed a tablet for Christmas! But sadly we weren’t able to get one this year.  Now it looks like I may be getting either a new tablet or a new laptop out of necessity.  Until then at least I have my husband’s clunky Alienware laptop to use.

But for everyone else- BEWARE of the latest Windows 7 Update!!!  It’s the update of death! (or at least the death of your time as you try to fix it)

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