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Philly Pretzel Factory Review

If you love pretzels you may want to see if there’s a Philly Pretzel Factory near you!  We tried out the Philly Pretzel Factory in Las Vegas, here’s our review.
First of all, the location is kind of off the beaten path if you’re going there specifically for Philly Pretzel’s, it’s at the top of a small shopping center right in the center of all the hotels and tourist attractions in Vegas.  So it’s great if you’re already there shopping or visiting, but if you’re just going for pretzels it’ll be a bit of a jog to park and walk there.

The shops were mainly bar and entertainment places around it and the Philly Pretzel place itself was outside (in Vegas heat it wasn’t a place you’d want to sit and enjoy pretzels) again, great if you’re already there shopping/enjoying the Vegas scene but not ideal for a specific visit.

We ordered a party platter over the phone to get the full experience of what there was to offer from Philly Pretzel with an assortment of pretzels and pretzel-dogs (hot dogs in pretzels).

When we arrived there was a guy that was yelling at one of the workers (I later found out he was the manager) and it sounded like it involved our order we had placed over the phone.  When we called in the worker was plesant and helpful, but the argument with he and the manager seemed like he had done something he shouldn’t have.  It escalated to the point where the worker left.

Then while we were waiting for our order to be ready the same manager was riding around on a scooter and yelling and swearing at the shops next door, then the shopping center management and even security that was called over.  Apparently there was a new store next door that was using more electricity than they should and they kept tripping the breaker for all the other stores close by.  DRAMA!  I understand the situation must have been frustrating, but the way it was handled in front of everyone- customers included, was very unprofessional.  He did apologize and try to explain the situation once he realized we were customers and thanked us for our purchase.

So our purchase was awkward to say the least, from getting to the location, to the drama we had to witness.  Now on to the food itself-

The party platter we ordered was a lot of pretzels! It was a pretty good value for about $40.  The workers that gave us the order even gave us an assortment of dipping sauces to try out- they have multiple types of mustard and cheeses to dip with.  Normally I think the party platter just comes with 1 big dipping sauce, but instead they let us try out multiple little ones which was nice of them!

We also purchased 2 frozen lemonade’s which were very good in flavor and perfect to cool off with in the Vegas heat.

As for the pretzels themselves, they were pretty good.  The dips were fun to try and see how different people preferred different dips so it was nice to have an assortment.  They didn’t make good leftovers however and were really hard the next day- even with keeping them in a ziploc bag when they were fresh.

The information I was given about Philly Pretzel Factory is :

Home of the Real Soft Pretzel.   Philly Pretzel Factory is the world’s largest Philly-style pretzel bakery, with well over 100 franchised locations – and growing. Every day at The Factory, we mix our freshly made dough and hand twist each and every pretzel. From our award-winning soft pretzels to crowd-pleasing party trays, every menu item is guaranteed to be fresh baked and served hot outta the oven!

However, at this location the manager kept saying how all his business depends on his freezers and that’s why he was so mad that the breaker was getting tripped and he could lose all his product.  It seemed they were using frozen pretzels and just reheating them, which made sense with how hard they were the next day and even fresh they weren’t very soft. But I could be wrong, I just remember seeing multiple freezers, but not mixers/ovens or a lot of counter space to work with.

So overall, I don’t know if it was just this location, or we just caught them on a bad day or what, but between all the factors of the location, how it was managed, and the quality of the product we received we probably wont ever go back.  That’s just too many strikes to make it worth the effort and purchase.

However, if we come across another Philly Pretzel Factory in another location we may give them a try and see if it was just that location.

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