May 21, 2012

Peaches & Cream Fruit Dip

Summer time is right around the corner and there’s nothing better than a fruit tray on a hot summer day.  Top that off with an amazingly […]
May 19, 2012

Samoa Brownies

ok so you’re probably going to hate me if you’re on a diet…..  These are the BEST scrum-diddly-uptious brownies ever!  I thought the Samoa cupcakes were […]
May 18, 2012

Mother’s Day Mini Scrapbook

Both my husband and my mom’s are hard to shop for.  They’re wonderful women and awesome moms, but they already have everything- or so it seems.  […]
May 17, 2012

Free Stuff in the Mail

It’s so exciting when the mail has good stuff in it for me!!  I love getting free stuff, samples, or even packages I’ve ordered.  It’s like […]
May 16, 2012

Freezing Avocados

Avocados were on sale at my local grocery store last week for 59 cents each!!  We LOVE them around our house- especially for our cheesecake factory […]
May 16, 2012

Whip It Wednesday

This week I am focusing on getting my hobby room/guest bedroom in order so my FIL will have a clean room to stay in when he […]
May 16, 2012

What you need to know about home based businesses

Types of home based businesses: ·      Work for others- signing up with an existing company where you usually sign up under someone else and they receive […]
May 14, 2012

Wingers Review & Giveaway

I had the chance to review Winger’s restaurant last night.  If you haven’t noticed, Winger’s has been slowly transitioning their restaurants into roadhouse’s, but don’t fret- […]
May 12, 2012

Easy Omlets

This is by far the coolest way I have found to cook eggs!  Pinterest idea TRIED! And the results are awesome.  All you do is put […]
May 12, 2012

Chicken Salad

This recipe is from my friend Danielle.  She made this chicken salad for bunko last week and it was AMAZING!  You can have it with crackers or […]
May 11, 2012

Baby fidget blankets

After not having a baby for 4 years I forgot how much they love to fidget and grab things as they explore this new world!  I […]
May 10, 2012

Guest Post- It takes a Village

I’d like to share an inspiring story with you from one of my readers.  Her amazing story and strength shows how much love moms have for […]
May 9, 2012

Strawberry Freezer Jam

Not much beats some amazing strawberry freezer jam.  Especially when you can get good strawberries!  The key to making this a non-preservative/added in junk recipe as […]
May 8, 2012

Family Name Wall Decor

I’m not sure where I got this idea, it was probably a combination of ideas I had seen other places.  These pictures can be purchased that […]
May 7, 2012

Rag style sewing

The rag look is very popular for various items such as purses, diaper bags, and blankets.  So I figured why not sew some into curtains?!!?  Using a […]
May 6, 2012

Pantene coupon savings

Last Sunday’s paper had an awesome coupon-  Buy one Pantene product get one free.  Since we use shampoo and certain hair products regularly it was one […]
May 5, 2012

Bountiful Basket 5/5

Here’s what came in today’s Bountiful Basket! 1 pineapple 8 bananas 5 green apples 16 oz strawberries 2 mango’s 3 beets 5 tomatoes 2 artichokes 1 […]
May 5, 2012

Chocolate Chocolate Chip Cookies

The other day I was making reeses peanut butter cup cookies when I went to put in the mini reeses and discovered someone had been snacking […]
May 4, 2012

Refinishing a dresser

So we got a dresser from my sister that had been left out in the weather.  Needless to say it needed some TLC and a little […]
May 4, 2012

Corndog Muffins

After seeing this awesome idea on pinterest I knew it had to be added to my “Things to make in May 2012” folder.  Homemade corn dogs, […]
May 3, 2012

Home Remedies

Why pay a fortune for solutions to your problems?  Here is a ton of home remedy ideas that use things most people already have in their […]
May 2, 2012

VA Loans

Recently my husband and I have been thinking about purchasing a house.  Even though we only moved into the one where we’re at less than a […]
May 2, 2012

Follow us on Pinterest- Whip it Wednesday

As mentioned on our radio show- Summer Plannin’ we now have our own Pinterest page!  Here’s the link to follow us: Let me just tell […]
April 27, 2012

Cereal Deal using Coupons

OK, if you listened to the radio show (live or archived): Coupons, saving money or wasting time?  in part 2 I talked about this awesome cereal […]