February 28, 2013

LIVE event with Mark Victor Hansen

Today is the LIVE event with Mark Victor Hansen (author of “Chicken Soup for the Soul” books)  Come to the blog to see him and hear […]
February 27, 2013

Tomorrow’s event

I’m excited to announce that tomorrow we will be hosting a LIVE event with Mark Victor Hansen to discuss how to help your kids become “The […]
February 26, 2013

Tomato sprouts

Have you ever seen this?  You cut into a tomato and the seeds have sprouted inside!  When this first happened to me it creeped me out! […]
February 25, 2013

How to cook the perfect steak

Here is a technique I’ve recently tried to help create the best mouth watering steak from your home.  No need to go to a steak house […]
February 22, 2013

Wreck It Ralph Review

I took my boys to see this new Disney movie Wreck It Ralph.  It’s a movie about a video arcade store where the characters of the games live […]
February 21, 2013

Wanton Soup

For my detox/cleanse we made this wanton soup for dinner the first night.  It was amazing! It tasted just as good if not better than I’ve had a […]
February 20, 2013


I love appetizers and finger foods!  These sliders were perfect for the super bowl, but I’m thinking we may just need to make them more often. […]
February 19, 2013

Call Me Maybe

Here’s a great tribute from some soldiers in Afghanistan to the Miami Dolphin cheerleaders.  What a great way to change their focus from what I can imagine is […]
February 18, 2013

48 hour Detox/Cleanse

After doing some research on foods that detox and foods that don’t I wanted to try a 48 hour detox cleanse.  Since I believe that we […]
February 15, 2013

baby squash

On my last Costco trip I found these baby squash and just had to try them.  I’ve had them before at my best friend’s wedding a […]
February 14, 2013

Food Storage Chef Giveaway

Are you working on building your food storage, or wishing you had one? Well make sure to enter this giveaway!  Food Storage Chef makes freeze-dried meals […]
February 13, 2013

Fruit Pizza

What better way to get your kids to eat more fruit than on a fruit pizza!  If you haven’t tried fruit pizza before you should give […]
February 12, 2013

The BEST Sugar Cookies

Yesterday I experimented with a sugar cookie recipe from Pinterest.  Because you just have to have sugar cookies at Valentines.  Of course, I changed it up […]
February 11, 2013

Food vs Weight

Have you ever noticed that the 2 biggest topics in magazines, tv, pinterest and all around us are: Food and Weight loss?  Isn’t that funny?  So we […]
February 8, 2013

Why Smoothies are AWESOME!

Today I want to share with you one of my favorite smoothie recipes and why smoothies are so awesome.  And aside from being healthy it’s also […]
February 7, 2013

Baked, not fried chicken

There’s nothing like finding or creating one of your favorite foods in a more healthy way!  Today’s experiment was baked (not fried) chicken!  I’ve made this […]
February 6, 2013

Best Parenthood Story Sharing

The one thing that EVERYONE loves to talk about…………. their kids!  From the funny things they say to the messes they make one thing for sure […]
February 5, 2013

Brownie Truffle Dessert

For a brownie lover like me this experimental recipe was the BOMB-diggity! The best way I can explain it is like a brownie truffle. It was […]
February 4, 2013

oh, that’s why!

In case you never understood why your parents told you not to jump on the furniture……. well here’s what happened to our baby crib!  Oh, THAT’s […]
February 1, 2013

Hot Fudge Sauce

This is the easiest and best hot fudge ever!!  I put it in the crock pot and kept it warm for a ice cream party we […]
January 31, 2013

Crock Pot Potatoes

This is the COOLEST way to do mashed potatoes!  It’s so easy and tastes amazing!  A friend of mine, Jennifer made this for a potluck and […]
January 30, 2013

Lasagna Roll Ups

After seeing this idea on pinterest we knew it HAD to be tested!  Lasagna is one of my husband’s favorite meals, and also a meal that […]
January 29, 2013

Milk Monster

Ok these two gallons of milk were put in the fridge at the same time.  My husband is the only one that drinks whole milk (the […]
January 28, 2013

Enough is enough

You’ve probably seen this picture posted on our facebook page already.  It seems there has been a growing fad lately of people posting pictures of their […]