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January 20, 2015
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Life Vision Board

One of the tasks for this week’s 52 weeks of Awesome is to create a Life Vision Board.  If you’ve never done one before it’s time to get started! I’m a firm believer on the law of attraction and what you focus your thoughts and energy on you will attract to your life.  A life vision board is basically all the things you want to have in your life, or what you want your life to be like.  I’ll share 2 of mine here-

The top picture is my life vision board I actually made about 8 years ago.  It’s been rolled up and moved with me each time I’ve moved and then again put on my bedroom wall.
For this board I wanted to focus on Balance and what the important areas of life for me to have balanced were: Emotional, Physical, Mental, Spiritual, Financial, and Social.

I typed up a short description for each of these areas of how they would be balanced to me.  Scrapbooking it up a bit, and adding some pictures and stickers and there you have it!  I love looking at it now and realizing how much closer I’ve come in some areas, and what I’ve achieved in others.  Because this focuses on balance I think it will be something that will apply to my life forever.

Here is my most recent life vision poster-

I didn’t go quite as scrapbooker with this one, but still had a lot of fun making it!  This is more of an achievements, status, productivity, and action type of board.  The majority of which is about the dream house I want to build.

The main focus for this board are: Dream house, Family Fun, My Blog, My Books, Public Speaking, Helping Others, and Income.

I typed up a bit of what I’d like for each area and posted some pictures that represent those things.

So now I’m ready! Ready to attract these things to my life.  I know what I want- which is sometimes half the battle 🙂

How are you doing with your life vision board? I’d love to see pictures!

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