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Funny-awesome parenting

Any parent will tell you that it’s not all kisses, “I love you”, and cutsie moments like seen on facebook.  There are many times that a parent will go on little to no sleep, skip meals- not because of not being hungry but just because there is no time to stop and eat, and not getting a moment alone to even go to the bathroom (lets not even talk about trying to be intimate with your spouse).But through it all, the ups and downs, it’s the parents that are able to see the humor in situations and get creative with their parenting that seem to have it the best.  Not only do they tend to be less stressed out, but the situations can actually bring the parents closer together rather than create a wedge between them. 

In any situation you have some choices on how you are going to react- get angry, cry, or laugh.  I prefer to laugh!  Turning learning lessons for your children into a game for the parents is entertaining for everyone.  For example: one of my sons had a VERY hard time with potty training and would poop his pants way past the age where he should.  One day it hit me, instead of getting mad at him I should try a different route.  So when the opportunity came next I would question him “why didn’t you go to the potty?” What came next was a COMPLETE shock to my husband and I, but we had to just go with it.  His response was that he didn’t poop his pants.  Now it was clear by smell and visual check that he had, so upon verifying it I would look at him and ask “how did poop get in your pants then?”  to which he would respond that his younger brother had put it there!!!  Ok, so trying not to laugh we would continue to talk to him, as if this was a very serious offence his brother had committed against him and we (the detectives) wanted to see justice done! “why did you let him?!?!?”  his response- “I said no, but he just did it anyway” so we’d inform him that next time he should run away before the brother could put it in his pants.
We also went other directions with it by asking why the younger brother didn’t have poop on his hands, to which the answer we got was that he had washed them (duh).
Needless to say, it turned the experience into one of entertainment for us instead of anger and we taught our son some problem solving skills. (and found out how creative he can be at lying!)

Some friends of ours were over playing games and about fell off their chairs laughing when one of our kids came in saying how another one had “hit them for no good reason”  to which our automatic response was “tell them to have a reason next time”.  We’re really not bad parents, and we  do discipline our kids, but sometimes you have to turn things into entertainment rather than a chore.

This all being said, I wanted to share with you some hilarious videos we’ve come across that every parent can appreciate! 🙂 Enjoy!

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