Frozen Birthday Party with FREE Printables

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Frozen Birthday Party with FREE Printables

This year Frozen was the theme for my daughter’s birthday party.  After pinning a bunch of ideas and doing some Pinterest searches I found lots of fun ideas.  Luckily I had started thinking about this party about 6 weeks in advance so I was able to order some fun stuff that arrived in time.  Here’s what we did- along with some FREE downloads for you!

Above is the invitation I designed.  I found one I liked online and changed out a few things.  Feel free to do the same with mine- just right click on the picture and save it.  I uploaded the picture to and ordered 4×6 picture prints.  That is seriously the only way I do invitations anymore- they cost about 10-20 cents a piece, can be ready in a hour, and the quality is amazing.  Plus they will usually give you envelopes for them for free.

Decoration wise I went pretty simple, blue tablecloths (the kind you throw away.  They didn’t have any purple ones at my store)  Then I printed and cut out some cute banners and put them on some sparkly wire.  Right click on the banner picture below and save it to your computer if you want to use it- feel free!  I designed them 🙂

I got some Frozen themed puzzles at the dollar store to give as the prizes for the winners of the 2 games, as well as flashlights and a few other frozen themed items for the party favor bags to give to the girls that came.

 I’ve done water bottles as “melted snowman” before, but with Olaf and Frozen a melted snowman seemed kinda morbid haha so we did “melted snow” instead.  I got these labels from Like Mom & Apple Pie here.  She also has a bunch of other cute ideas and free printables.

I ordered the frozen bags to hold party favors on ebay- they cost about a dollar each, but they took close to a month to arrive, so that part took some planning ahead of time.  I also got these really cute necklaces on ebay, but again allow plenty of time for shipping.  They were $5.99 for 10 necklaces.

For a game we did “Pin the nose on Olaf”.  For this I got a white poster and looking at a picture of Olaf I free handed a picture of him.  Then I traced the nose and cut out some noses from orange construction paper.

Since it was a warm day here (and her birthday happened to be the day before Valentine’s day so there were lots of heart things available in the store)  I found these silicone heart molds that I froze heart shaped ice cubes in.
So for the game we gave each girl a “frozen heart” and the game was to see who could be the first one to thaw her frozen heart.  The girls had a lot of fun with this one.

We also had my trusty bounce house going (best $100 investment ever! I’ve had it for about 10 years now after buying it on clearance one year and we use it for birthday parties a lot)

After the gifts and cupcakes we played “Sven, Sven, Olaf” which was our version of Duck Duck Goose.  The girls had a blast playing it.

I hope this gives you some fun ideas and printables for your Frozen Birthday party!

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