Frozen birthday party take 2

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Frozen birthday party take 2

My youngest daughter recently had her 4th birthday and wanted a Frozen birthday party. Ironically her sister had one when she turned 4 a couple years ago.  Here are some fun thing we did-
You can see pictures and information on the last Frozen party we did here.  It also has some free printables.

For the decorations I purchased a LOT of balloons and made some balloon towers.  They weren’t too hard to make, just take a little bit of time.  We didn’t use a weight or pole for them so they did fall over if we weren’t careful, but as long as you didn’t touch them they’d stay where they were supposed to.  I made a balloon arch with helium balloons to go across the top and that actually helped both towers stay in place better.

To make the balloon towers:
Enlist a LOT of help blowing up balloons, or have a pump.  Start by tying balloons in pairs.  Then twist one pair around another pair until you have 4- that is a layer.
You’ll want to tie some ribbon around the middle of the bottom layer, and if you want to add a weight this is where you’ll want it. 
Then stack a second layer of 4 balloons on top and use the ribbon to wrap around 2 of the balloons once or twice then pull the ribbon.  That will pull the 2 layers together and hold them in place.
If you want a pattern with colors etc. like I did making it look like diagonal stripes, you just alternate the direction of the layers.

The backdrop pictures I purchased at Walmart for $4. It came with the big ones we used by the balloons, as well as the “Happy Birthday” banner and 2 smaller ones we put over by the food table.

I printed off some labels for “melted snow” water bottles.  I used the same website as before.

For the party favors I got these wedding favor boxes at Oriental Trading for just under $3/24 boxes.  I filled them with Hershey’s nuggets that I printed a custom label on. 

We played “pin the nose on Olaf”
I painted an olaf on to some cardboard and then cut out noses for the kids to stick on.

We also played a “snowball bucket” game but I didn’t get any pictures of it.  Basically I got some little tin buckets in the party section at Walmart for 97 cents each.  We put a Frozen sticker on each one.  Then I got 144 ping pong balls and we had the kids line a bucket up in front of them then try to bounce or throw 3 ping pong “snowballs” into their bucket. 
With my other daughter’s party we did a “melt the frozen heart” game where I froze heart shaped ice cubes and the first one to melt theirs won.  I had them in the freezer for this party but we forgot about them!

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