Fixed, Up & running and ready to start the New Year!

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December 28, 2012
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January 2, 2013
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Fixed, Up & running and ready to start the New Year!

Yey!! Happy 2013! Hope you’re day is a fantastic one to kick of an awesome year!  Mine started out great so far- the laptop is fixed (I’ll explain how in a bit), and I got a great mental inspiration this morning that will result in some fantastic news for our family and buying a new home soon!  Needless to say there’s lots of positive energy in our house this morning.
First let me share how I fixed the laptop- if you read my last post “Update of Death” you know how when I did the last Window’s update on my laptop it stopped connecting to the internet.  It told me I had a firewall blocking the internet and I was unable to do a system restore to a helpful point like I had done before.  Well after not being able to use the internet on the laptop for a week or so, and even the best computer techs were scratching their heads I came across a website that was talking about how sometimes when you uninstall McAfee it doesn’t uninstall all the way and can still cause problems on your computer.  I was able to download the cleanup tool on my husband’s laptop, save it to a flash drive, then run it on my laptop. (yea it was a pain, but at this point I was about to do a factory reset so this was my last resort)  And it worked!!  As soon as the cleanup tool was running it cleared of all the McAfee files and I magically connected to the internet again!!

Where can you get this awesome cleanup tool you say?!?!?  Here:

So if your computer is having similar problems as mine (connecting to the network but “no internet access”) and you had or have McAfee on your computer- try this clean up tool, it worked like a charm for me!

On the bright side of this experience, it forced me to save all my data & pictures to dvd’s thinking I was going to have to do a factory reset on the laptop.  So I guess now I have a good backup system to start off the new year.

And now I get to focus on boxing up the house over the next 2 months as we prepare to buy a house!!  More updates on that to come!  Let me just say I have files of ideas on Pinterest that I can’t wait to try out/make/build in a house that we own!

Today I will be working on my New Year’s Resolutions list and will share it with you tomorrow-  Hope you have a GREAT first day of the year!  (I was told once that the way you spend the first day of the year is a reflection of how your year will be, so make it a good one)

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