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Family Pictures

This was our Christmas gift to our parents this year.  If your parents are like ours, it’s hard to find a gift for them since they have everything already!  I usually end up making them something because they appreciate the craft as well as the fact that it was made by me.  This year I wanted to give them something to hold all the pictures of the kids & grandchildren. (my parents have 9 kids and my husbands mom has 7)
I got the picture frames at Walmart, they cost about $12.
Using scrapbook paper I printed off large letters onto each sheet. (I wanted the papers to be mis-matched but still have some matching colors if that makes sense)
I cut the papers to fit the frame, taped them in place and closed up the back of the frame.

Then I took some scrapbook paper and cut it to just bigger than a wallet sized picture.  Using double sided tape I stuck a picture protector (you can find these for baseball cards or magic cards) on to each sheet.  Then I glued ribbon to the top and bottom so that the end result is a link of cards to hold a picture of each person in the family.

 Across the top is each where each of the children go (pictures to be of children & their spouse together)
then each card below that picture is for their children (the grandchildren)

Before taping the picture protector onto each card I wrote the name of the person whose picture goes there so if it’s missing they know who they need to get a picture of.

This makes the pictures all the same size.  Wallet size pictures are a standard size and usually the size you get the most of in school picture packets.  All the pictures are together and organized by family.  And each year you can swap the picture out for the current one.

I also made sure to glue an envelope onto the back of the frame with extra ribbon and cards inside for those still having kids to be added on later.

(sorry for the blurry pictures- the last 3 were taken with my phone)

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