Fabric picture frame

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January 7, 2013
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Fabric picture frame

This was the Christmas present I made for a friend this year.  She loves zebra and pink and her Tupperware team is called the “Diva’s”  So I turned a simple picture frame into a cute dry erase board for her office.
All you do to make this is get a picture frame- any will do.
Remove the back (you’ll have to pull apart the glue but it’s ok, you’ll glue it back together when you’re done. Once you have just the frame, take some fabric scraps and wrap them around the frame.  I tied knots to attach one strip of fabric to the next one and to add a  little dimension to the frame.  Once you have tied the fabric all around the frame just glue the back on and insert whatever picture or paper you want.  Since this was made to be used as a dry erase board I inserted a pink sheet of paper that I had printed “Diva to do list” on.
Any dry erase market will wipe off of the glass of the frame.
She loved it!
And not to sound totally cheap- but this probably cost me less than $4.00 to make.

For some reason my camera was only taking orange tinted or bright colored pictures that day!


  1. luvsclassics says:

    Hi, GR8 Idea! I've collected several picture frames from yard/flea market sales.

    Now, I have an idea what ways to use the Dry -erase board, a daily menu list, another for a reminder for the elderly/ notes/ etc.

  2. JoDee Martin says:

    Thanks! I've made quite a few of them into dry erase boards- you can see my Mickey Mouse To Do list and Menu (they match my kitchen)

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