Diaper holder solution

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January 13, 2015
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Diaper holder solution

I just thought I’d share with you the solution I came up with for my hanging diaper holder.  As much as I love this holder it only had 1 loop tab at the top to hang it from, which is fine if you already have or want to mount a hook somewhere to hold it, but every convenient place I wanted to put it a hook wasn’t practical.  So when we assembled the new crib I came up with this solution-
Using one of those pants hangers I normally would have thrown away from the store, I put the loop through the hanger top and then clamped the top of the diaper holder on each side of the hanger.  Then I just hung it from the side of the crib!  It worked perfectly and is easily accessible and the problem is solved!

Here’s a picture of the crib with the holder on the side. (Ignore my messy bedroom- I was still in the middle of rearranging stuff)

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