Book Shelf on a Landing

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January 15, 2013
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Book Shelf on a Landing

A friend on facebook (actually she was my 3rd grade teacher) shared this bookshelf on a stair landing idea and can I just say how much I love it!?!?!?  This is now on my list of ideas for our dream house we WILL build some day 🙂  There are a few things I would change/add to it though.
Since our stairs in our dream house are not as wide, what I would do is take out the bench & window (we already have bay window benches and the stairs are in the middle of the house so a window wouldn’t be necessary)  Then I’d make the book shelves go all the way up to the second floor.  Books would be accessed by the landing, or by leaning over the railing on the second floor.

I would make a space similar to where the window is in this one- up high in the middle where it’s harder to access and put a large picture of the family, or a mirror, or a picture of Christ there or something.

We love books!! And have talked for a long time about where to put them in our house.  Between this bookshelf on the landing and doing something similar to the picture below at the top of the stairs where the hallway is to bedrooms- we’re set!!

This will have our bench for reading.  And the books on these shelves will probably be more of the kid books since they will be easier to get to for them.

I really need to come into some money soon!! All these creative juices flowing for my dream house are going to make me burst! 😉

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