Awesome Week 4

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January 23, 2015
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Awesome Week 4

Woops! Due to technical difficulties awesome week 4 of our 52 weeks of Awesomeness didn’t post Sunday morning like it should have.  So here it is- better late then never!  This week is Awesome Week 4.  How have you been doing with your weekly tasks? Are you doing all or just some of them?
Here’s your mini list you can print off as a reminder-
Let’s take this week in detail:
Week 4:
Fridge & Freezer
  • Empty out each
  • Wipe down shelves and drawers
  • Replace food items- make sure condiments are wiped down on the outside
  • Clean the seals and along the sides
  • Wipe down the outside of the fridge & freezer

Project for the kitchen
  • This week pick a project you’ve been wanting to do for your kitchen and do it!
  • If you don’t have a project in mind, it may be a good time to replace or add to your kitchen towels, wash clothes and hot pads

Set aside $5-20

  • Each week set aside $5-20 depending on your financial situation.  Put the money in a safe place where you wont be tempted to dip into it.

5 Decker Dinner

Read at least 4 chapters of a book

  • For Personal development this week pick out a book you’ve been wanting to read and read at least 4 chapters.
  • (I got so interested in my book last week I finished it! So on to the next book)

Introduce yourself to someone new
  • Have you ever thought you should introduce yourself to someone only to chicken out and worry that you will “impose” or otherwise be intruding? Well STOP!
  • Doesn’t it make you feel good (and let’s face it a little popular) when someone goes out of their way to introduce themselves to you?  Share the love! You may just make a new friend!

Buy 8 cans of Tomato Soup
  • We use this in Shepherd’s Pie as well as just soup (next week’s recipe)
  • your food storage will be adding up!

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